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Are you looking for trusted builders? If so please let us discuss your dream project with you!! Japan Homes is a Japanese construction company in Auckland with registered Master Builders and Licensed Building Practitioners (LBP). We are proud of our Japanese-standard level of work quality to provide comfortable homes at affordable prices.

When start working on your project we will promise the 10 most important things based on our spirit of work to establish a good relationship with you. Without your happiness and satisfaction our work never succeeds.

Licensed Building Practitioner
Registered Master Builders
Registered Master Builders

We believe in creating a 100 years relationship with customers.

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Who we are

We Are Only One Japanese Master Builders In New Zealand and Provide Comfortable and Affordable Homes In Auckland.


Masahiko Okabe (Mickey) 岡部 正彦


I love helping people achieve success.


Bachelor of Japanese History from Taisho University in Japan,
Carpentry Level 4 Construction Finishing, Management and Inspection from Manukau Institute of Technology.

Professional Qualification

Registered Master Builder (15868), LBP Carpentry (BP101075)




Baseball: 18 years of experience, Golf: started playing in New Zealand and my average score is 95, Igo: About the 5th grade, Reading: I Love reading books about success, Volunteer work: Japanese School Sponsor work for Japan Day.

Brief Personal History

1996: Graduated from Taisho University and got a Bachelor of Japanese History
1996: Started working for a Dental Company and studied sales
2001: Traveled around the earth with a visit to 16 countries.
2002: Came to NZ with working holiday Visa
2003: Started Mickey Farm and looked after 20 cows and vegetable farm
2004: Married and started MIT Carpentry course
2006: Started my own business as a Builder working with a Korean development company
2008: Set up Japan Homes Limited

Our Spirit

Omotenashi refers to the Japanese hospitality.

We carefully listen to your voices without interruption. We want you to find your true needs by discussing with us to have the best plan for your project. Our policy is to be open and honest to everyone. We sometimes disclose information that may give you a negative impression on us such as our mistakes because we think that honest and open communication as well as listening to you are the most important to establish a long-term good relationship with you.

Happiness For Aucklanders

We love Auckland and New Zealand. To solve the shortage of houses and make people happy in this city we have decided to build comfortable and affordable homes using our Japanese style home-building skills. Japan Homes aims to be a dependable company that continues growing for one hundred years.

風水 Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an approach to design a healthy living environment by considering how surroundings affect your physical and mental health, your human relations, and your success in life. In Japan, Feng Shui is often referred to design and build buildings with all these factors in mind.

We aim to create 100 years’ relationships with our customers.


1. We are honest with you, even if disadvantageous to us.
2. We try our best to help solve your uncertainty and problems.
3. We advise professionally.
4. We report to you while making you feel at ease.
5. We focus on health and safety not pursuing an immediate profit.
6. We strive to come up with a stress-free financial plan.
7. Our customers are our precious friends.
8. Strong Passion for our work.
9. We build houses for you and future generations to be proud of.
10. Your happiness is our happiness


一、 不利な情報でもお客様に伝える
二、 お客様の不安や悩みを解消する提案をする
三、 ただの御用聞きではなく、プロの提案をする
四、 伝達にはお客様が不安にならない表現方法を使う
五、 目先の利益を追わずに、健康、安全を意識する
六、 負担の少ない資金計画を提案する
七、 お客様は大切な友達。
八、 仕事への熱い情熱
九、 後世の子供たちに誇れる家を建てる
十、 友達の幸せは自分の幸せ

Japan Homes | Comfortable and Affordable

Our Service

New House

We will build your comfortable and affordable home with our knowledge and skills based on Japanese carpentry culture. We will take care of all the details of your new building to make sure it can last for more than half century. After construction has been complete a 10-Year Master Builder Guarantee will be issued. If you want, you can choose your new home plan from our standard new home plans


Do you need an extra bedroom for your growing child or a luxurious ensuite bedroom at your aged house? We can build an extension to your existing house to meet your needs and wants. We can also design and get Council consents for the work.


We can provide the best subdivision plan by considering the environment, neighbors, project cost and property value, and get all Council consents including Resource, Subdivision and Building Consent. Japan Homes can also provide construction work for subdivision and new homes.

Learn about Auckland Unitary Plan


Not satisfied with standard home plans? Do you have to build your new home in limited space or need a multi-generational home? We can design your dream home plan and get Council consents for you. We carefully arrange the room layout for happy family living and easy house work. We have the Japanese residential architecture design skills which is world-famous for functionality and beauty in a simple building shape.

Whole House Renovation

Please let us renovate your existing house. We have a plenty of experience in renovation work and provide the best plan for you. You may want to remove internal wall to make a large open space including a kitchen, dining and lounge with a new island kitchen or create more bedrooms for your kids. Please let us hear your ideas.

Bathroom & Kitchen Renovation

We can also help you do bathroom and/or kitchen renovations. We have a range of design styles that you can choose from for your own remodelling. We can also provide Japanese style bathroom.

What we are good at

Our Skills

Strong Project Management Skills

1.Accurate Time Management

We have strong project schedule management skills. We will input all schedule data of your project in the project management software “Builder Trend” which enables us to easily and quickly manage design and construction schedule. We frequently update the system and provide the shortest project schedule, resulting in far shorter construction time than other builders. The quick construction saves time for you to stay at another place during the construction. Further, it can save your money if your project is for an investment purpose because the quicker the construction finishes the earlier you can start renting the house.

For more information of Builder Trend please watch the video explaining how it works for your as a client

2.Quality Control

Japan Homes is eager to get the best quality of our work and continuously strive to improve all functions involving everyone – from our company director to sub-contractors. For example, we use 5S of KAIZEN to improve site work quality. When come to site we Sort out everything, Set everything in order, Clean everywhere, Standardize all general work and Sustain these improvements. In addition, we will provide an annual free inspection of your house after its construction is complete to keep the best quality.

3.Excellent Skills In Managing Contractors

We also have Omotenashi Spirit for our contractors. A project outcome all depends on these professionals’ attitude and skills. Our site management involves creating work environment in which they can enjoy their work and demonstrate the full potential of their ability. Our project managers carefully listen to their voices and give precise instructions, take care of their health condition, tidy up and clean up sites to lower the risk for injury and provide all needed tools. Even we provide cooking devices such as a microwave and hot water jar for their lunch. As a result, these professionals are highly motivated to work with us and will provide amazing outcome for you.

Financial Consultation

1.Financial Support

We can provide financial supports for you such as providing financial advices, introducing a good mortgage broker, reducing project cost and many more. Our aim is to minimize the cost as much as possible so that you do not have a lot of burden and enjoy completing your project stress free.

Excellent Design

1.Design For All Aspects of Your Project

We will provide the best plan for you within a short period of time. We take into account all aspects of your project including your financial situation, needs, family situation, neighbors, environment and all others. We will design your dream home with deep knowledge and excellent skills in the Japanese contemporary home design which is famous across the world for functionality and beauty in simplicity.

Work with us


Since 2008 our company director Mickey has experienced and completed hundreds of various types of residential projects. In one project, the owner asked him to repair the roof of her property because the original contractor just ran away. In another project, a client asked him to renovate a very old and gloomy house to be a flashing and luxurious home that looks brand new.

He loves all sorts of building work and is proud of the Japanese style of work to provide high quality services at affordable prices to make his clients happy. Japan Homes can deal with all types of building problem regarding houses. We continue to endeavor to employ the most talented people who can spread our Japanese-standard level of quality services all over Auckland.

Japan Homes is looking for a sales staff and site manager to work with us. If you have a high level of interest in our Japanese style of work and design, have hospitality spirit and passion for work, please feel free to contact us. Let’s make your dream come true together!!

Frequently Asked Questions


How long will it take to build our home?

Generally allow approximately 20 weeks from the time consents are finalised to the completion of your new home. Every situation is different, depending on the complexity of the home, weather variables and how quickly decisions are made including the design, product and colour choices, house size, site, costing, extreme weather conditions, building permits, etc.

Do you have a showhome?

Our last showhome was at 31 Atkinson, Papatoetoe, Auckland
This is a stunning example of what quality and skills Japan Homes brings in your project.

What is necessary for the exterior work for a new home?

Exterior work often involves to set up a driveway, fence on site boundary, garden, paving, deck and carpark/carport. Some people also want a swimming pool and/or a garden shed. We can do all of these.

How much does it cost me to create a garden at my property?

This all is all up to you. If you have a high-grade garden with lots of water features, expensive plants and high-quality pavings in a very large area of course it will be very high. If you choose a standard garden in a small sized area the cost will be much less. If you need to know the cost for your garden plan please consult our design team for a quotation.

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31A Atkinson Avenue, Papatoetoe, Auckland


POBOX 33715 Takapuna Auckland 0740





Working hours

Mon – Fri 7AM-6PM, Sat 7AM-2PM

Japan Homes Show Home We have a show home. If you want to see it, Please contact us.

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