• Master Build 10-year Guarantee

      2018/04/16    FAQ よくある質問, New Home 新築, Renovation 改装

    Japan Homes is “Registered Master Builder” Since 2015, Japan Homes has been member of “Registered Master Builders” uphold the highest craft and ethical standards. To become a Registered Master Builder a company must undergo a comprehensive process of assessment which includes personal interviews with company tradesmen, suppliers, accountants, banks and clients. We appreciate their supports, especially “Master Build 10-year Guarantee’ which is the most benefit for our clients.  Projects from $30,000 to $2M are covered. Why do you need a Guarantee? A Master Build 10-Year Guarantee protects you through the building process, and for the next 10 years. It provides much greater protection than both the Building Act and Consumer Guarantees Act. In case, if something does go wrong with your construction project, your Guarantee […]

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  • FIRST HOME BUYER? – Our Finance Support Tips –

      2018/04/08    FAQ よくある質問, Finance ファイナンス, New Home 新築

    Are you thinking about First Home? Everyday we receive many inquiries about new home. When you are planning it, the first and most important thing is Having a specific target number will help keep you motivated and focused, and we can asisst you in right way. Below are some options to start actions towards your dream home in NZ.   1. Housing New Zealand https://www.hnzc.co.nz/ Housing New Zealand Corporation is a Crown agent that provides housing services for people in need. Many people use this system when they have first homes. 1-1. Welcome Home Loan Welcome Home Loan is offered by lenders, supported by Housing New Zealand, and, designed for first home buyers who can afford to make regular repayments on a home loan, but […]

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  • The Booklet of Building A New House

      2017/02/27    FAQ よくある質問, New Home 新築

    Hi there, (日本語訳下にあります) For those who are thinking to build a new home we have created a booklet that is easy to understand the 3 most important aspects of new home build. This booklet covers: Why to build a house (your motivation) House build options How to build a new house Also it has Q&A sections to answer to the frequent questions that many people have at the initial stage of their home build project. If you are interested in the booklet we can post it to your address for free(ONLY IN AUCKLAND) so please email us your name and address at info@japanhomes.co.nz   Looking for to hearing from you soon!!   こんにちは! ジャパンホームズでは、新しく家を建てることを考えている人達のために、「新築時に気をつけるべき3つの重要な事」を分かりやすく理解できる小冊子を作成しました。 この小冊子は以下の内容を含みます: 住宅を建てる理由(モティベーション)の確認 家づくりの選択肢 家をつくるには・・・・ また、多くの人が新築を考える時に疑問に思う事に答えた、Q&Aセクションもあります。 この小冊子に興味がある方は、無料で郵送させて頂きますので(オークランド市内限定)、お名前とご住所をinfo @ japanhomes.co.nz宛にメールしてください。   ご連絡お待ちしております。   […]

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  • Six Options To Deal With A Leaky Home

      2017/01/22    Auckland Unitary Plan オークランド ユニタリー プラン, FAQ よくある質問, NZ Property NZの不動産

    Hi All Thank you for your time. (日本語訳下にあります) Recently a client asked us for advises about what he can do with his own home that has a water leaking problem that needs to be fixed by re-cladding. The current condition is: The client needs more than $170,000 for re-cladding the existing house Site Area: Around 570m2 Built in 1990s The clients wants to know what options are available for him with the current situation 6 Possible Options Japan Homes Offer To answer to the client queries Japan Homes has provided 6 different options with pros and cons as listed below. 1. Renovate the house and sell There is leaking so we don’t recommend this from our experiences.   2. Sell the property as is It […]

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  • Now, why companies advance to New Zealand?

      2015/06/13    FAQ よくある質問

    Recently, the numbers of inquiries has risen, that the Japanese companies asked support from side of construction when they expand the business in New Zealand. New Zealand market is smaller than Japanese one. It can’t be compared. However, there is a reason why various industries actively launch the businesses in New Zealand. Because here are the necessities of life such as houses, foods, cars, schools and hospitals, which is based on that the population surely has increased. Looking from New Zealand, there are lots of adorable talented people, products and services in Japan. We import Japanese good things to New Zealand and contribute to its economics. Also we export New Zealand good things to Japan and contribute to Japanese economics. We feel happy if we […]

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  • What Should I do my Leaky House ?

      2015/05/30    FAQ よくある質問

    My Client has a leaky house and they asked me my opinion so I reply below; >> I will write down from my experience , < Council support > I do not recommend fight with city council . That is not good idea . Lots of people include builder friends  gave up the council support . Because council do not want to support so they intend to take a process  quite long time .If the process take time ,the interest from the bank or rent income shortage will occur during the process . So I recommend just do it your self .   < How to sell the leaky house > I recommend sell as it is to the builder or small investor. Because we […]

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