• Extension Design For Happy Family Living 21/04/2018

      2018/04/21    Renovation 改装

    Hi there, Our new project is to design attractive communal space in an extended home where everyone gathers to have happy family living together. (日本語訳下にあります) 110m2 Extension Design In Central Auckland Our client is living in a relatively old house with many kids and wants to extend the house for more bedrooms and family space. Here is the existing home. Even though there is some space in the basement, the ground floor, the main part of the building, is too narrow for such a big family. (Ground Floor Plan) (Elevations) Below is the proposed floor plan. (Proposed Ground Floor Plan) We add the new extension at the back of the existing building. Our concept is that although each family member can have their own bedroom […]

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  • Master Build 10-year Guarantee

      2018/04/16    FAQ よくある質問, New Home 新築, Renovation 改装

    Japan Homes is “Registered Master Builder” Since 2015, Japan Homes has been member of “Registered Master Builders” uphold the highest craft and ethical standards. To become a Registered Master Builder a company must undergo a comprehensive process of assessment which includes personal interviews with company tradesmen, suppliers, accountants, banks and clients. We appreciate their supports, especially “Master Build 10-year Guarantee’ which is the most benefit for our clients.  Projects from $30,000 to $2M are covered. Why do you need a Guarantee? A Master Build 10-Year Guarantee protects you through the building process, and for the next 10 years. It provides much greater protection than both the Building Act and Consumer Guarantees Act. In case, if something does go wrong with your construction project, your Guarantee […]

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      2018/03/28    Interior Design インテリアデザイン, Kitchen キッチン, Renovation 改装

    Wanting A New Kitchen & Bathroom? (日本語訳下にあります) When you are thinking about renovation or new home, I guess these are the most exciting points. Open kitchen or traditional kitchen? Wider and modern bathroom that you can feel comfortable to use everyday? Japan Homes set our “Standard” with the 10-year construction knowledge and good relationships with our suppliers, adding the current trends. Especially for kitchens and bathrooms, we put our best efforts to design beautiful and functional layouts and select polished quality items. To show our precious customers how the standard actually look like, we gathered the collections.   The main colors are White & White, Grey and White & Black which are always popular so won’t be obsolesced. As an accent color, wood materials can […]

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      2017/10/21    Minor Unit マイナーユニット, New Home 新築, Renovation 改装, The Way We Work 仕事のこだわり

    Hi there, (日本語訳下にあります) We always think that designing and building a home are to create a piece of art together with our clients and subs. Considering the design from our client perspective and having a clear vision of the completed building with its exterior during design and construction process is the key to the successful project. Our design examples include to: Design a new home in a way that house work is quickly and easily done Provide a utility space for easy house work Provide a Japanese style bathroom for you to relax Provide 9% of a total floor area of a new home for store space. Also we think about construction: Avoid house components that take time to get and install Consider waterproofing all […]

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  • DESIGN & BUILD & Maintenance Part 1

      2017/08/12    Minor Unit マイナーユニット, New Home 新築, Renovation 改装, The Way We Work 仕事のこだわり

    It is very advantageous to make home design and construction and maintenance consistently with one construction company. (日本語訳下にあります) The company is like a home doctor who knows all the history of your family and understand the family’s condition. Such a doctor is called GP in New Zealand, and usually each family has their own GP. The company like Japan Homes keeps watching your home to quickly specify the cause of a problem with a part of your house and fix it properly before it becomes too serious that needs a lot of cost. As a designer and builder we will become very happy if we can start everything from scratch. A  house is an art which is a combined form of various materials and elements. […]

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  • Japan Homes Paint Color Trend 2017!

      2017/05/11    Renovation 改装

    Dusky and Earthy When we build a new home or renovate an existing house, we need to select a color for wall, ceiling, soffit and fascia etc. Our paint brand Resene have 100 of colors choice, and the variations sometimes makes us challenging. Usually we ask clients to choose 3 different colors. But once we do a test paint onsite, clients can easily pick up one color. Inspiration is the most important thing. It is always exciting time in a meeting. The current popular colors in Japan Homes and NZ are grey earthy tones such as: Double Black White Half Sea Fog Soapstone Truffle Alabaster is always popular too. For shades (roof etc), darker tones are matching. Quarter Ironsand Tapa Thunder Grey These grey colors […]

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  • Japan Homes Standard Kitchen With Full of Careness

      2017/04/16    Kitchen キッチン, New Home 新築, Renovation 改装

    Comfortable & Affordable – this is our motto for clients happiness. Japan Homes have own finishing selections for New Homes. We have been trying to select the best items from best suppliers for years, thinking about our clients smiles. Today I want to introduce you some of the selections. For the person who stays the longest at home, one of the main things to think is a Kitchen. As I am mother of a son, I always love to discuss a kitchen plan with clients, see how each kitchen is made together at the end and imagine how my kitchen in the future will be. A Kitchen consists of many components such as, most importantly its layout, colors, benchtop, cabinets, sink, water tap, appliances, splashback, […]

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  • Test Paint For Exterior Wall:Renovation In Devenport

      2017/03/19    Renovation 改装

    Hi All, (日本語訳下にあります) We have a whole house renovation involving re-cladding work in Devonport. All the new windows have been replaced and weatherboard is just being installed. Test Paint For Weatherboard Paint For the owner to decide the paint color for the exterior wall, we have provided test paint for the owner to check. The owner likes white color but you see in the photo there are several different colors in white. For all exterior paint work it is always nice to check the real color on the real material as this case to see how the paint color actually looks. For the interior work we are now putting up plasterboard. The project would be finished within 2 months. 皆さん、こんにちは! ジャパンホームズはDevonportで、外壁全張替を含む住宅全体の改装工事を行っています。 現在の段階は窓が全て交換され、Weatherboard (外装に使う木板材)の施工をしているところです。 外壁塗装前のテストペイント オーナーさんが外壁ペイントの色を決定するために、私たちは実際に施工したweatherboardにテストペイントを行いました。 […]

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