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1. Japanese Management

Running a business in New Zealand entirely on Japanese staff poses difficulties in terms of both human resources and relevant qualifications held. Having good, qualified workers with local knowledge is of course important to us. Instead of yielding responsibility to partner companies, however, we maintain strict managerial control over our projects, and if required, it is also possible to complete a project utilising Japanese workers resident in New Zealand.

2. Thorough Presentation

When making complex arrangements, we present our plans to the customer using all available technologies to help them understand the finer details. We persevere to the very end to ensure satisfaction in the finished product, term of completion, budget, and any necessary follow-up. Allowing us a little extra time for such preparation allows us to achieve a desirable outcome. We take care to prepare written estimates, specifications, and work schedules in an easy-to-read, understandable manner.

3. Substantial After-Sales Service

After completion of a project, we issue customers with a written guarantee of our work. Any replacements or repairs covered by the guarantee will gladly be taken care of free of charge. We also inform customers of any maintenance needed when appropriate. In addition, we provide a free inspection service (details provided separately) for customersf full peace of mind.

4. Worksite Observation

With the permission of current clients, it is possible to visit an active worksite and see for yourself the work as it happens, as well as hear the opinions of those who have commissioned our work. We are happy to show potential customers a wide range of sites, such as building extensions, remodeling, fitting of Japanese-style bathrooms, and conversion of hot water cylinders to gas.

5. Licensed Builders

From November 2010, all construction requiring a building consent permit from the local council will need to be carried out by those in possession of the proper qualifications. Japan Homes is scheduled to acquire such qualifications within the first six months of the same year. Customers can continue to rely on us for Japanese politeness as well as a high standard of work in accordance with the law.

6. Clean Practices

All industrial waste produced by Japan Homes is disposed of legally and with thought for the environment.

7. Communication and Consideration

To prevent any trouble from occurring, we make a habit of making ourselves known to neighbouring parties from the outset, and likewise pay our respects when we leave. We beg the understanding of those in the vicinity with regards to noise, length of time, and disruptions to traffic that may occur.

8. Fixed Price

Once a contract with an agreed price has been entered into, we will not increase our charges without the express consent of the customer concerned. However, we are also aware that things do not always go according to plan. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, we invite the customer to join us in suggesting a way to manage the situation to everyonefs satisfaction.

9. Liability Insurance

Japan Homes has a maximum contract liability insurance amount of two million dollars.

10. Prompt Response

We are prompt at taking steps to deal with any trouble concerning our construction, for example complaints from neighbours or landlords. Any inconvenience that occurs during the construction process is treated as a high priority, and handled accordingly.

Other Services

Referral Service

New contracts signed as a result of a referral from existing customers will reward the referring customer with a discount on labour the next time our services are needed. Please contact Japan Homes for more details.

Free Inspection

We will look at any house problems you may have and recommend a remedy free of charge (up to twice a year). In particular, exterior walls, blocked spouting, leaky or damaged toilets, and problems with kitchen or bathroom plumbing are our specialty. Door-hanging or loose screws, no job is too small.

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