Japan Homes Site Manager

Lewis Lu

As a site manager, I always put " Keep promise", "Nice and Tidy" and "Do basic" at the first place which totally match with Japan Homes concept. 

Why did you choose Construction industry?

I was graduated with construction management and Quantity survey major which is related with construction. It is amazing to see the building drawings to be reality. To tell the truth, I enjoy the process of construction and I like the working with Cooperation, teamwork and common goal achievement.

What made you decide to work with JPH?

Micky San' passion and profession attract and effect me. I see myself as an entertainer more than a staff, client's happy is my mission, I'll hand my excellent "works" for each owner and make their dreams come true.

Education Background

Education Background

Bachelor of construction management (Quantity Surveying) Otago Polytechnic

Diploma in construction management and Quantity Surveying(CM&QS) Otago Polytechnic


Working day schedule

07:20 Arrive at site and prepare

07:30 Start working

09:00 Prepare Council inspection

10:00 Council inspection

11:00 Inspection pass 

11:30 Photo and Daily log

12:00 Lunch and adjust

13:00 Sub support and guidance

14:00 Building team check and meeting on site

16:30 Daily log and site clean

What do you like about JPH

  • 1JPH established the great systems of the construction management, including preparation, training, education, improvement, control management.

  • Excellent Japanese style. KP, NT, Do Basic.

  • Warming Human touch. Greeting, keep smiling. Team-build party. 


come and join us!

enjoy working!
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