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Japan Homes Site Manager

Lewis Lu


As a site manager, I always put " Keep promise", "Nice and Tidy" and "Do basic" at the first place which totally match with Japan Homes concept. 

Why did you choose Construction industry?

I was graduated with construction management and Quantity survey major which is related with construction. It is amazing to see the building drawings to be reality. To tell the truth, I enjoy the process of construction and I like the working with Cooperation, teamwork and common goal achievement.

What made you decide to work with JPH?

Micky San' passion and profession attract and effect me. I see myself as an entertainer more than a staff, client's happy is my mission, I'll hand my excellent "works" for each owner and make their dreams come true.

  • 1JPH established the great systems of the construction management, including preparation, training, education, improvement, control management.

  • Excellent Japanese style. KP, NT, Do Basic.

  • Warming Human touch. Greeting, keep smiling. Team-build party. 

Education Background

Education Background

Bachelor of construction management (Quantity Surveying) Otago Polytechnic

Diploma in construction management and Quantity Surveying(CM&QS) Otago Polytechnic


Working day schedule

07:20 Arrive at site and prepare

07:30 Start working

09:00 Prepare Council inspection

10:00 Council inspection

11:00 Inspection pass 

11:30 Photo and Daily log

12:00 Lunch and adjust

13:00 Sub support and guidance

14:00 Building team check and meeting on site

16:30 Daily log and site clean


come and join us!

enjoy working!
enjoy life!

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