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160m2 Single Story Affordable Home Design

Hi All,

We have recently created a standard single story new home design that can fit into a narrow section.

 160m2 Single Story Affordable Home Design

This single storey affordable home is designed to fit in a narrow section.

Those high windows on the hallway wall provide a plenty of daylight into the space to welcome you at the entrance. The simple open plan kitchen, dining and living with the large timber deck just outside creates a natural flow from the inside to outside. The guest room can be used as a family room, kids space, study or any type of space that meets your family’s needs at different times.

All the sanitary space and kitchen are placed on one side in proximity for easy housework (e.g. you can easily access to the laundry from the kitchen and bring up washings to hang up in backyard) and the private spaces are gathered on the other side. The large storage space is provided.

Due to being a single story building the building cost is lower than a standard two story but this is a highly functional and beautiful home that supports your family’s happy and comfortable living for decades.

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