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A dog with a tenant and an electric company vol. 2 犬と賃貸人と電気会社と2


At last 12 days have passed. It means we can lawfully do “Cancellation of contract due to buyer’s default” that we have never heard anyone around me and lawyers has done. We will have no chance to meet the buyer in the future too. But we need to do one important thing. It’s CAVEAT. Otherwise he can sell the property again to a third party although he has to refund the deposit we paid and solve the reparation due to this cancellation. So we have properly done the Caveat and legally arranged the “Cancellation of contract due to buyer’s default.” However it’s not an end yet. A few days later, my phone showed a call from a person who I registered into my contacts. Surprisingly he was the buyer so we have known each other… He helped us when we purchased and sold properties for many times before, and this was his own first time to invest a property but he was struggling the trouble that the tenants wouldn’t leave. And he wanted me to keep the current contract but the answer was “NO” because of the market opacity and uncertainty for the tenants.

Today the deposit were safely back. There were hardly any reparation… However, listening the opinions from our lawyer I hope this was a good deal that I got the deposit back. There are lots of properties in Auckland so we will still keep looking for more development properties including renovation with leaky walls.





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