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A Glimpse into History: Authentic Sixteenth Century Japanese Sukiya House Sells at Auction


In the charming neighborhood of Portland Road, Remuera, a unique and enchanting property recently captured the attention of architecture enthusiasts. A 40-year-old house, meticulously crafted as a faithful reproduction of a traditional sixteenth-century Japanese Sukiya house, went up for auction. With approximately 30 attendees, two determined bidders engaged in a lively bidding war that culminated in a successful sale at $3.95 million. As witnesses to this captivating moment, we were filled with excitement and anticipation for the future of this remarkable house.

The Auction Experience:

As we arrived at the auction venue, the air was filled with anticipation. The allure of owning a home with such historical significance attracted a diverse group of approximately 30 interested individuals. With two enthusiastic bidders vying for the property, the auction room buzzed with energy. The bids rapidly escalated until they reached an impressive $3.95 million, culminating in an exhilarating sale under the hammer. We felt fortunate to have been present to witness this extraordinary event.

Exploring the House:

After the successful auction, we had the privilege of exploring the meticulously crafted Sukiya house. Stepping through the Japanese-style entrance, we were immediately struck by the warm and inviting atmosphere. The love and care put into constructing this faithful reproduction were evident in every detail. From the intricately placed wooden beams to the delicate paper shoji screens, the house exuded an authentic charm that transported us back in time.

Preserving its Timeless Character:

As we ventured further into the house, we were captivated by the seamless blend of traditional aesthetics and modern conveniences. The design, layout, and materials paid homage to the original sixteenth-century Sukiya houses while incorporating contemporary living requirements. This successful marriage of past and present underscored the owner's commitment to preserving the house's character for future generations to appreciate.

Looking to the Future:

With the sale of this remarkable Sukiya house, we find ourselves eagerly anticipating its future. How will this architectural gem evolve and maintain its captivating allure in the years to come? Will it continue to be a cherished testament to Japanese heritage, inspiring visitors with its tranquil beauty? Only time will reveal the answers, but we remain hopeful that this house will continue to enchant and inspire for generations.


The recent auction of the 40-year-old Sukiya house on Portland Road, Remuera, was a momentous event that celebrated the timeless appeal of traditional Japanese architecture. The passionate bidding between two interested parties resulted in a sale price of $3.95 million, further emphasizing the house's exceptional allure. As we reflect on our experience exploring this remarkable property, we are filled with anticipation for its future. With its rich history and painstaking attention to detail, we remain hopeful that this authentic Sukiya house will continue to captivate and inspire all those who have the privilege of crossing its threshold.

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