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A wedding speech for my staff – 従業員へ送る、結婚式スピーチ


A wedding speech in midst of nervousness. Although this is not related to Building, I do want to introduce you my favourite words for my precious staff.

He has been my staff in the company for a few months and works well, so I feel comfortable working with him. His hometown in Japan is close to mine, and what we meet and work together in NZ makes me think there is something connected between us. I want to do more fun things with him in the future.

Now I am going to share my best favourite proposal today. This is a phrase that is used in a very famous Japanese movie. Unfortunately I haven’t used these words….

The proposal is like this.

“Marry me. Because I don’t have the confidence that I will make you happy.”

“But, I have the confidence that I will become happy.”

I like these simple and deep words.

If we ask a partner many things, the relationship goes harder and in the worst case it ends. Thus I find the natural words artistic. I gave him the two well-wishing words as we keep in mind that the happiness is just to be together and to feel not to gain.

This simple relationship is also adapted to our customers, sub constructors and staffs.

So let’s build the relationships more deeply and more simply!!









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