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Ability Required By Project Manager 01/06/2019

HI All,

Most important ability required for Project Management is to plan the whole construction project = ability for work preparation.

It is to plan the project without any type of waste (time, money, resources, etc.) and troubles.

A project manager needs to understand needs and wants of all relevant parties including clients, the head contractor, SUBs, Neighbors, property Buyers.

After all, if some part of the project is planned unreasonably the project will be eventually delayed or get stack.

Also it is important to understand the whole picture of supply chains.

Major important works needs to be done by a Project Manager

  1. Develop a detailed project plan with some schedule allowance

  2. Assign a right job to a right person

  3. Prepare a backup plan

  4. Manage project budget

  5. Manage project schedule

  6. Communicate relevant parties effectively

Overall, a good Project Manager is capable to do:

  1. Understand the whole picture of a construction project

  2. Act systematically based on an effective strategy

  3. Make things happen

Thank you for reading.

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