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Artistic sense in structural design caluculations 構造計算のなかの芸術性

The other day I heard an interesting story.

This is US story, there was a building designed to withstand an earthquake with an intensity of six, and it’s actually ok when it happened. After that it collapsed at level seven.

It should be praised as for the structural design and cost performances.

First time when I heard this, it didn’t really appeal to me but I understood it. We can install 6 steels instead of 3 for structure. This is easy.

If this works, can we only see a chart and no need engineers?

Decision with only looking at one part is very easy.

However I think that the most interesting points are calculating structural designs by considering building costs, speed and future, then artistic sense can be improved. If it has reasons that clients surprise, they would be touched.

Now the ‘engineer’ makes me want to tell another story.

My 10-years-old boy suddenly said “I will be an engineer in the future.”

I asked “Why?”

“Because it’s good earnings.”

I was surprised that primary school kids speak about like this, and also wish that they concentrate on only things which they really love and get excited with full of “passion”.

In NZ, here are lots of genius curious persons like Sir Hillary who climbed the Everest the first, Peter Jackson the filmmaker of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Hobbit”, Jean Batten the first woman to fly herself across the South Atlantic.

It is luxury to be able to live passionately until die.

For me, I am very happy that I can make clients, sub-contractors, our employees get satisfied through the building industry.

NZ buildings remain the forms after at least 50 years, even 100 years if we treat well.

I am absorbed in this NZ building that is active for renovations. We will keep passionate and excited about contribution to NZ building industry.











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