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  • Tony Liu

Auckland Design Manual

Hi All,

Do you know there is a very good one-stop WEB source about Auckland building/urban design?


It is AUCKLAND DESIGN MANUAL (ADM)provided by Auckland City Council.


ADM offers all aspects of professional guidance regarding designing the Auckland built environment such as new homes, residential development, infrastructure, parks, streets, etc with lots of case studies.

If you are thinking to build a new home, subdivide your section or do any type of building work, this website is the place you should go first.

For example of building a new home I recommend that you check “Process Guide” section for new homes that help you very easily and clearly understand how you can complete your own project step by step.

The websites is going to provide the “Unitary Plan Hub” section in December 2016 and you can know all the necessary info. regarding property subdivision under the Auckland Unitry Plan (AUP).

Please have a look at ADM!!

オークランドにお住いの皆さん, こんにちは!


それは AUCKLAND DESIGN MANUAL (ADM)というサイトで、オークランド市議会が提供しています。




例えば新築をお考えの場合、どのような流れでプロジェクトが進行していくかを、非常に簡単かつ明確に理解するのに役立つ、「プロセスガイド(Process Guide)」の新築セクションを見てみることをお勧めします。

また、このウェブサイトは2016年12月に「 Unitary Plan Hub」セクションを開始し、Auckland Unitry Plan(AUP)施行後の、土地分割などに関する必要な情報をすべて知ることができるようになります。



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