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Bonjitettei 凡事徹底

Hi all,

Our company policy is to keep doing Bonjitettei (凡事徹底)which is shared with our subcontractors.


Bonjitettei is a Japanese word and the direct translation into English should be “do small basic things thoroughly”.

We think this is the most important concept for us as well as our sub-contractors because any outcome of our work is just a sum of normal small work.

If you can complete each small basic step towards your goal thoroughly you will get the incredible result as Warren Buffett, an American world most successful investor, noted:

“It is not necessary to do extraordinary things to do extraordinary results” 

Example of our Bonjitettei practice includes that we use our own checklists created based on our experience through design and construction work.

(A part of  our design check list)

We thoroughly complete each small work shown on the lists with our sub contractors and consultants to make steps towards our goal.

(A part of our builder checklist)

Japan Homes aims to provide the best service for our clients by keep doing small easy things that anyone can do in a thorough way that no one can do.

Ichiro Suzuki, a Japanese professional baseball player who have had more than 3,000 hits in his career in Major League Baseball in the US, commented:

“How to reach your dream and goal is only one way: to do just small steps.” 








世界で最も成功した投資家であるウォーレン バフェットが言うように、特別な事をしなくても最良の結果が得られのです。


(ウォーレン バフェット)









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