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Buildertrend: Daily Log

Hi all,

Everyday we use the cloud project management software Buildertrend (BT), which let us easily manage many different projects from the beginning through to the end including schedule management, daily log, payment and order, communication with clients and subs, etc.

You can follow this link for more information about BT.

Today I would like to introduce BT’s daily log function.

Daily Log

Daily Log is to record project work progress and very convenient for client to see how their project goes on.

If any site work is done on a day we take a few photos and update a daily log on BT with notes describing what we have done.

So our clients can check what has happened on site on the day without actually visiting the site or making a phone call to us.

What is good is that the daily log can be easily updated by a mobile phone.

So whenever we go to our building site we can just take photos and update a log immediately on site.

The daily log enables our clients to see if the project is going on schedule by comparing an updated log with a project calendar which is also on BT.

The daily log is also a good source of records that we can easily and quickly look back at the past work if we need.

If they like our client can add comments to the log so we can discuss on the log.

Overall, the daily log is fun experience for our clients because they can see how their home is gradually building day by day.

For all types of project, once we have a contract, our client is give a BT account and they can start to check their project log immediately.



私達は、スケジュール管理、作業履歴(Daily log)、支払いと注文、お客さんや業者とのコミュニケーションなど、さまざまなプロジェクトを初めから終わりまで容易に管理できるようにする、オンラインプロジェクト管理ソフトウェア ビルダートレンド(BT)を使用しています。


今回は数あるBT機能の中から、Daily Logを紹介したいと思います。

Daily Log

Daily Logは、プロジェクトの進行状況を記録し、クライアントが自分達のプロジェクトの進行状況を確認するのに役に立つ、非常に便利な機能です。

私たちは、現場作業で進捗があった日は、写真をいくつか撮って、作業の説明とともにDaily Logを更新します。





Daily Logは、必要な場合に過去の作業を、簡単かつ素早く見直すことができる優れた記録でもあります。


Daily Logは、自分の家が毎日どのようなプロセスで建てられいっているのかを見ることができるので、お客さんにとってはとても楽しい経験になります。

工事や設計の内容に関わらず、契約を結ぶと、全てのお客さんはBTアカウントを取得し、すぐにDaily Logを開始する事ができます。


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