• Tony Liu

Buildertrend: Project Time Management / ビルダートレンドを使った工程管理

Good day everyone!!


We Japan Homes love new technology to improve our work quality. Today I talk about the cloud software Buildertrend (BT), which is to manage many different construction projects from the beginning  through to the end including time management, daily log, payment and order, communication with clients and subs, etc.


Basically, we use only this software to manage everything and, since we started to use BT we have saved a huge amount of time because this makes our  work so easily and quickly!!


BT has many functions but today I talk only about the schedule management using BT below.

Buildertrend: Calender

To manage schedule we use “Calender” function of BT.


Once a project starts we input all the scheduled item in BT so that everyone including Japan Homes staff, subs and clients can share the same info. and it is very easy to check the progress of the whole process.

For the construction time frame, we use the gantt which makes it clear that how the construction work goes on.

The gantt shows how each construction work is related to each other (eg. frame must be done before the roof is put on). If one type of work delays due to unexpected thing (e.g. heavy rain) the system allow us to adjust the whole schedule very easily.


Buildertrend: To DO

For the everyday small work, we use “To Do”.


This also allow us to check what to do everyday and the deadline of each work.


Once the new required task come up, we immediately create a To DO.

Again To Dos can be shared by all related people and everyone can check the each task progress anytime.

We are trying to get the most of BT and save more of our clients, subs and our time to make everyone happy!!

Thanks for reading!!


私達ジャパンホームズは新しい技術を使用し仕事の効率を上げていく事が大好きです! 今日は、複数の案件を、工程管理、支払いと発注、関係者との連絡、作業履歴まで最初から最後まで一括で管理できる、Buildertrend(BT)というクラウドソフトウエアについてお話しします。