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Caring Small Detail Is Important For Good Concrete Work!!

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To provide good quality build work, a builder mast pay attention to a tiny work detail and carefully have it done. Otherwise, the work is not able to be complete and required a lot of time and cost for repair. This is why we Japan Homes are so much focused on tiny little work details.

Example: Terrible Finishing of Concrete Retaining Wall

C wall

The above photo shows the bad finishing of the top of the concrete retaining wall.

What happened is the concrete wall builder wanted to save time and lavour for the concrete work and just had the work done quickly without following the proper work process.

Eventually, the most part of the top part of the wall is not finished flat, even you see the steelwork inside the wall.


The top of the wall have to be flat horizontally to support the brick wall on it as the arrow indicates in the image.

So what will happen next?

The builder may have to build new boxings around the top part and pour fresh concrete again to have proper finish.

The owner has to wait for another weeks for the repair.


This is so bad!!

The owner is actually our client whom we are going to provide build work for his new home except for the concrete work.

Even though we are not in charge of the concrete work, Japan Homes strongly advised the concrete wall builder what should be done to avoid this kind of mistakes but he did not listen to us.

After this long weekend we are going to quickly advise the owner as well as the builder regarding the repair work to solve this issue.

Thanks for reading!!

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