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Do you know the Healthy Home Standard?

Do you know the Healthy Home Standard?

Healthy Home Standards(HHS) to improve the quality of the rental housing in New Zealand. The HHS covers 5 key areas,  Insulation  Heating  Ventilation of high moisture area (Kitchen & Bathroom must have extractor fans)  Draught stopping  Drainage/ground moisture barriers

In February 2019, the Housing Minister estimated that around 200,000 families are living in a house with poor condition. Having the house price rising in NZ constantly, many families choose to rent. The high demand in housing lead to drop the standard of living and put many people in unhealthy environments. We are very happy as a Property Management to see the new standard to be put in place to improve the quality of living.

Japan Homes is now providing the HHS Statement to all our clients who build their new home. All covered and ready to rent if you wish !

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