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Electric Plans 24/03/2019

Hi Everyone,

For each construction project we provide Electric Plans to share the same info between Japan Homes, SUBs and Owner.

Japan Homes Electric Plans

Here are the examples of Elec Plans.

We provide these types of plans for our clients as well as for our electrician to check electrical fixture positions before actual site work begins.

These plans help us make sure that all fixtures are at adequate and owner-preferred positions.

Electrical Selections

At the same time our clients are also asked to decide what electrical items they want.

They can check our selections of elec items on Buildertrend, an online project management software, and decide their choices.

All info are in Buildetrend so it is easy for our clients to check and decide the items online.

Owner Site Check

Finally, we have site check with our clients once electric wiring work is done on site.

We walk around the site together to check all fixture positions one by one.

If any position is not right we can fix them immediately.

This is our way to make sure all fixture positions are at right places.

Thank you for reading.

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