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Today I just tell you one thing:


if you are thinking to do so!!

1 What is Granny Flat?

A Granny Flat (Minor Household Unit, Minor Unit, etc.) is a small house (Maximum 60m2-65m2 floor area) built in the same section where the main house already exists. The minor unit can have all facility needed for a few people to live such as Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry, Living&Dinning and Bedroom.

2 Deadline

Auckland Council (AC) will not accept application for a new minor unit from September 1, 2016. So if you are considering to build a granny flat (GF) at your own property in Auckland you have to begin planning at least by June to lodge with AC by September 1. However, you dont have to be worried about when to build your minor unit as it is just to be built within 5 years since your application is accepted.

Even if you are not 100%sure that you can build it I recommend that at least you make and lodge the GF plan because you will still have a plenty of time to prepare the construction fund. Making the plan will be less than $10,000 including GST (Council Fee not included).

3 How much is the cost?

The cost depends on the site condition and your requirements for design details but Japan Homes roughly offer $1,900-2,000 + GST per square meter of its floor area. Normally the max. floor area of a minor unit is 60m2 so you may need $ 114,000 to $120,000 + GST for the build (The building and foundation only). You may also have to pay another around $30,000 to $40,000 for council fees such as RC, Building Consent, storm water connection and Development Contribution. In Total you may need around $160,000 to $185,000 including GST.


4 What is advantage of building GF?

>>Great Investment:

If you rent it out to someone you will get stable annual income of around $20,000-$23,000 from the rent ($400-450/week x 52) .

>>Increase in Property value

As you build a minor unit your property value will probably go up as much as the cost you spend. You just top up the building cost on your property value. No waste of money.

>>Large Family Living Together

If you have large family GF is a great option. For example, young couple with kids can stay home at the main house while grand parents can stay at GF. GF can provide some levels of privacy, an ideal option for the different generations to stay together.

5 GF Examples

>>Example 1

Here is our  showhome at 31A Atkinson Avenue Papatoetoe.

This building was built last year and looks all new. We have built Japanese Garden around. If you interested please come have a look!! We can welcome you with nice Japanese snacks with green tea!!

>>Example 2

GF project that is currently going on in Northshore.

The owner has large family and wants to live together.

>>Example 3

This is the last year’s project in Northshore.

>>Example 4

Recent project in East of Auckland

We have a plenty of experience in planning and building GFs.

We are very happy to discuss your GF plan so do not hesitate to contact us if you are keen for it!!

Thanks for reading!!

Please visit us at:

Amazon Okuchi

JAPAN HOMES LIMITED Email: Phone: 0800 00 5055

Please visit us at our showhome: 31A Atkinson Papatoetoe Auckland

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