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Importance Of House Maintenance 11/05/2019

Hi there,

Maintenance is critically important if you want your home to have long life and keep its property value.

(Please refer to the previous post describing the importance to have a long life home)

For Example, Houryu Ji temple, which was built in Nara, Japan around 1400 years ago and is the oldest timber building in the world, is still standing in good condition because of regular high levels of maintenance.

(Houryu Ji)

We always try to establish a long term relationship with our clients, whom we have built homes for, after construction because good home maintenance can only be done in good collaboration between the home owners and builders like us


Japan Homes After Construction Services

For quality assurance we normally provide these services below.

①Japan Homes’ annual free maintenance

We come to your home once every year to check several parts of the building.

Example of our check includes:

  1. Silicon sealant around flashing and important junctions

  2. Bathroom wetarea leaking and junctions

  3. Hearing from occupants

  4. Look around the interior and exterior to see any potential issues

  5. Immediate fixing of minor problems

②10 Years Master Builder Guarantee

This guarantee is only provided by Master Builders and covers structure deficits for 10 years after construction. For more info please visit

Owner’s Responsibility

Home owners also have an important role in their home maintenance.

Actually home owners have a legal obligation to maintain their own building.

A key for a long lifetime home is weathertightness so we recommend that our clients regularly check the roof, exterior wall, balcony, deck and any exterior features attached to their dwelling and arrange any repair or maintenance work if needed.

Example of Owner’s check includes:

  1. Roof: cleaning and recoating. Any metal corrosion?

  2. Exterior wall: cleaning and paint. Any cracks?

  3. Windows and Doors. Any damage or sign of leaking at junctions?

  4. Garden and Yards: trim shrubs and trees around the building

  5. Appliance check (Kitchen Cooker, Dishwasher, Heat Pump, Underfloor Heating System, Fire Place, Hotwater Cylinder, etc.)

  6. See BRANTZ’s “Maintaining My Home” website:

Our aim is that Japan Homes and you as a home owner keep to work together in good relationship to maintain your comfortable home in a long period of time.

Thank you.

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