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Japan Day 10/03/2019

Hi Everyone,

As we did for the previous years Japan Homes has joined Japan Day this year and very much enjoyed talking to visitors to our booth.

Japan Day 2019

Japan Day 2019 happened at Eden Park in Auckland with a great amount of visitors and many exciting events went on.

Our booth also welcomed a number of visitors and discussed their future new home projects. For this year most of the enquiries were about subdivision + new homes which I think reflects the housing trend that the city demands many more new homes to deal with increased population. Because we are the Japanese we are good at designing and building functional & cost-effective medium to small residential units on limited sized sections so gave them advises from these points of view.

Financial perspective of new home projects are very important too so these type of advises were also given to the visitors.


(One of our standard new home plans for small lot subdivision)

(Another example of our plan for a medium sized subdivided lot)

By the way, JAPA-HO kun (our company’s image character) showed up at our booth and attracted a lot of people!!

(JAPA-HO kun)

Thank you for visiting and talking to us and see you again Next Year!!!!

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