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Japan Homes’ 10 Excellent Points / ジャパンホームズ十か条

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(English Writing is Below)


納期 – いつも納期を守ります

前工程 – 実際の作業がとてもスムースに行くように、出来るだけの準備をします

後工程 – 私たちの作業が終わった後に、作業を行う業者さんの事をいつも考えています

おもてなし – いつもおもてなしの心で、全ての関係者(施主、下請け業者、作業者、専門家、ジャパンホームズ社員など)が楽しく幸せになれる事を考えています。

改善 – いつも何か改善できるものを探しています

無料点検 – 毎年一回無料点検を実施します

熱意 – とても強い熱意で仕事に臨みます

機能性 – 機能的な住まいを提供します

和 – 日本とニュージーランドのデザインが融合したデザインを提供します

百年企業 – 百年企業を目指します

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Thank you for visiting our blog.

We Japan Homes have Japanese Work culture to make sure our work quality is at the highest standard and everyone is happy including our clients, sub-contractors, employees, and any other related people. The list of our work policy below indicates what we think are the most important and are the best points with us.

We: NOUKI (Deadlines) – Always meet the deadline and keep the work schedule

MAEKOTEI (Preparation of Work) – Love to prepare as much as possible before the actual work begins to ensure that the work goes smoothly.

ATOKOTEI (Preparation of After Work) – Always think about contractors who begin to work after our work is finished

OMOTENASHI (Hospitality and Service) – Always think about everyone’s happiness including clients, sub-contractors, workers, employees, professional consultants and everyone else

KAIZEN (Improvement) – Always look for anything we can improve for better performance

MURYO TENKEN (Free Inspection) – Provide Free Annual Inspection of Your Home after our contracted work is complete

NETSUI (Passion) – Have strongest passion for our work

KINOSEI (Functionality) – Provide Excellent Functionality Of Living Space

WA (Japanese) – Provide Japanese style design united with New Zealand design

HYAKUNEN KIGYO (100-year-old company) – Aim to be an 100-years-old company

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