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Japan Homes Happy Xmas Party!!

Hello Aucklanders!!

Today is raining but I am happy and lucky!!

I had a great wonderful party yesterday at Nakayoshi, a Japanese Sake Bar, in Parnel with contractors who work with Japan Homes!!!


We Japan Homes are builders in Auckland, New Zealand who build and renovate lots of houses across the city.

There are those wonderful, happy contractors and people with greats skill who work very hard help us do complete our work.

We appreciate their help so last nigh we invited them to our thank-you-so-much-please-enjoy Xmas party at Nakayoshi owned by the director of Japan Homes.


The party was awesome!!

Many contractors came and enjoyed the restaurants food such as Sushi, Beef stew, Grilled whole chikens and stone grilled wagyu steak!!!


They enjoyed the dinner and drink so much and we had a great time with them!!

The party involved playing a Bingo game and watched a funny cartoon movie showing the Japan homes builder dancing for Xmas!!

Here are lucky bingo winners with our symbol character Mr. Japaho!! (Japan Homes)!!


You see they all have lovely smiles that really help our business.

The work concept of Japan Homes is:

1. Quickness

2. Smile

We finish any work far quicker than the average: reduce the work cost!!

Also we smile to whoever we meet: make everyone happy!!

All of our contractors have greats skills and smiles, resulting in the quickest completion of work and with happy feelings for our clients!!

Therefore, our clients are mostly very satisfied: they have affordable and comfortable service from us and our contractors!!!!!


We are happy builders with our happy contractors who make our clients very happy!!

Thanks a lot to our contractors!!!!


JAPAN HOMES LIMITED Email: Phone: 0800 00 5055

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