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Japan Homes Paint Color Trend 2017!

Dusky and Earthy

When we build a new home or renovate an existing house, we need to select a color for wall, ceiling, soffit and fascia etc. Our paint brand Resene have 100 of colors choice, and the variations sometimes makes us challenging. Usually we ask clients to choose 3 different colors. But once we do a test paint onsite, clients can easily pick up one color. Inspiration is the most important thing. It is always exciting time in a meeting.

Mickey likes interior meetings with clients!

The current popular colors in Japan Homes and NZ are grey earthy tones such as:

Double Black White Half Sea Fog Soapstone Truffle Alabaster is always popular too.

Resene neutral colors image

For shades (roof etc), darker tones are matching. Quarter Ironsand Tapa Thunder Grey

These grey colors make a home neutral and modern, and suit wood and steel texture.

Whiter colors around windows bring more open and bright images. Darker greys more sharp and sophisticated urban images.

You don’t really have ideas for colors? Let’s discuss together.

Mixing and matching colors to make your house interiors and exteriors look more beautiful.

We look forward your inquiry with our high quality and friendly painter team.

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