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Japan Homes Standard Kitchen With Full of Careness

Comfortable & Affordable – this is our motto for clients happiness.

Japan Homes have own finishing selections for New Homes.

We have been trying to select the best items from best suppliers for years, thinking about our clients smiles.

Today I want to introduce you some of the selections.

For the person who stays the longest at home, one of the main things to think is a Kitchen.

As I am mother of a son, I always love to discuss a kitchen plan with clients, see how each kitchen is made together at the end and imagine how my kitchen in the future will be.

A Kitchen consists of many components such as, most importantly its layout, colors, benchtop, cabinets, sink, water tap, appliances, splashback, lighting and flooring.

Open plan kitchen that won’t block the flow of traffic is a basic idea for Japanese who mostly live in narrower space than Kiwis. Even NZ house is larger, this way of thinking is very useful to maximise space for more family members here. Cooking at a stress-free kitchen = delicious meals!

Popular shapes among our clients is U-shaped and Island kitchen as it has larger benchtop/breakfast table. The space for cooking and enjoying family time and sufficient storage spaces are key points.

U shaped kitchen

Cabinet systems sample

Plus we are thinking about its functionality, for example locations of a sink, dishwasher, cooktop, oven, microwave, rice cooker, spice rack, rubbish bin and etc. They always should be considered to do house chores easier and more comfortable. Easy-to-clean is another point. We discuss and design each kitchen that perfectly suits your needs.

Also for health and wellness, we added a water filter tap to our standard selections so safe and clear water will directly come from a tap. You don’t need to rush to buy water bottles or boil water any more.

For appliances our selections are all BOSCH products. The reliable and versatile items that can be easy to be repaired or replaced, sophisticated designs that don’t have waste, functionality and quality are reasons why we choose this brand products. The silver based products much any colors of other kitchen materials.

BOSCH Gas Cooktop

BOSCH Dishwasher

These are applicable for our new homes and renovation as standard. The options are also available.

We are happy to help you get your dream kitchen! Please feel free to inquiry of your plans or questions.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your rest of Easter holidays 🙂

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