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  • Tony Liu

Japanese Housing products that I recommend for you vol.1 Unit bathroom & Ideas of Kitchen 取り入れた

Since I started building business in New Zealand 10 years ago, one of the things that I have mulled over is installation of Japanese unique housing products. In Japan many of new products are released with the new convenience functions every year. From the selection, this time I want to introduce you the features of Unit bathroom and Kitchens to let you Kiwi will get excited.

[Unit Bathroom]

The warm room, easy dry floor which you don’t slip, and easy to clean wall with less mold. Even these things would be wonderful thinking of New Zealand’s bathroom in winter. The bathtub like a thermos mug that the temperature falls just 2 degrees even after 4 hours. Also you can use the bathroom as a dry cleaning room. You could sort the New Zealand damp winter out. The Japanese bathroom has reheating system so you don’t need to add new hot water. I am wondering how much Kiwi accepts this style, but in Japan we think the Unit Bathroom useful so it’s very popular. For baby and elder people, it becomes more convenient. From my experience that I have brought up three kids, it is really convenient to use the Unit Bathroom that the bathtub and washing space are attached. Especially kids love to play with water and it easily gets messy wet in the bathroom, so that this Japanese structure is GOOD. This makes a bath time more fun taking more physical contacts with kids.

[Japanese Kitchen]

Thinking about “Kitchen design that adopts Japanese style”, it means how we can maximise the goodness of wood. I want to express Japanese essence using wood.

The large sink which is easy to use, is very recommendable for Chinese who don’t really use a dishwasher. Also there is a convenient bigger drain to prevent loads of food scraps from going through. In NZ we often have a disposer however it’s in another sink so main sink gets blocked..  The Japanese kitchens are thought to have the highest storability and functionality in the world. Due to the increase of population in NZ, small kitchens will increase in the future so how much we could use dead spaces effectively will be a big point.  The large storage capacity of the kitchen cabinet makes it possible to store from the lowest to highest. It’s useful to put things that you don’t often use in. You can also place 1L pet bottles vertically. “Quick Pallet” and “Quick Pocket” are the names of smart hanging cabinets that open and close from the main cabinets to temporally place spice bins and daily use things into the best position.  I think “Downwall system “is also very useful.

Some of these are already in NZ, but these things should share more and more. All of these ideas are not just ideas that the manufacturers only make things to sell more but they make efforts to improve customers’ discomfort to comfort. Convenient products development = to focus on people who will use the products, which comes from the Japanese original thoughts “Omoiyari” that means deep consideration. We want to share Omoiyari over the New Zealand more.

10年前ニュージーランドで建築を始めてから、ずっとやりたいと思って温めているものが日本の特有の住宅製品の導入である。住宅設備機器は、毎年新製品が発売され、新しく便利な機能がどんどん登場してきます。今回は、現地ニュージーランド人もワクワクするような、日本住宅設備商品の中でもユニットバスとキッチンの特徴を紹介したいです。   ユニットバス

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