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Japanese Style Home!!

Hi Everyone!!

Thanks for visiting my blog this time!!!

I really hope you guys have a wonderful day!!

As we are Japanese builders we are thinking to design a Modern Japanese Style Home for those who know how comfortable and beautiful these homes are.


It is very interesting that both Japanese and New Zealanders love timber houses so I think you may like the Japanese home as well.

However, it is also interesting that the concept of the design in Japanese homes is very different from  NZ.

The Design Feature 1: Post & Beam Structure

For example, in Japan the structure of the house is mainly supported by posts and beams while in NZ the structure is supported by the wall which consists of lots of timber studs (skinny posts). The post and beam structure leads to big openings between the posts like this:


Japanese house


NZ house

So even both culture have the same kind of materials to build houses the expression of the design in each culture is different.

The Design Feature 2: Emphasis on floor living

Traditionally the main indoor activities happen on the floor. Even though nowadays we get used to European living style to use chairs, tables and beds many Japanese people also feel comfortable directly sit on the floor to read, talk, play, etc.

So in the Japanese it will be comfortable if the height of interior furnitures stays low.

Now we want to include this structural feature with NZ timber house then there will be a unique beautiful house like this:

Isn`t it nice!?

I think it looks very beautiful and cosy!!

Dont you think so!!??

We are looking for opportunities to create this type of comfortable and beautiful houses!!

Okay, thats all for today!

Thanks a lot for reading!!

Have a happy lovely day!!!!


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