• Tony Liu

Letting Sub-Contractors More Understand Our Company Principles

In this multiethnic country New Zealand it is sometimes difficult to communicate and share the same ideas with our partner professionals and contractors. We sometimes are surprised to see things that these people do that do not usually happen in Japan.


They tend to do things in their own way but we want to share with them our company principles for better outcomes.

The most important part I think is “Penetration of our company principles”.

This is the base of all actions. To say words is easy, but practice is not easy. It is necessary to patently and carefully spend time on letting them understand our principles.

Now I list up below the three most important things that seems necessary at this stage to do this.

For Sub-Contractors To More Understand Our Principles

For this to happen the company director and senior managers need to go to building sites often, and there has to be the consistency in their actions.

For me those professionals and contractors who do basic things thoroughly are the most important.

Motivate Sub-Contractors

Also it is important to think about what is the action that can motivate these people.

It seems to me that many in New Zealand are interested in the Japanese way of building or manufacturing. So it may be necessary that those professionals and contractors realize the feeling of “I want to learn Japanese methods” in themselves and practice these.

By keeping practicing they gradually build up the trust in the Japanese methods.

Reflection Is Important

It is very important for everyone to have time to look back on what they have done. Maybe they can share with others a small example of practice that involved a trouble or their own mental conflict.

As a rule for reflection time we ask them to speak in their own words. Also we make sure that no one will interrupt when someone is talking.

There are many factors that caused the trouble or conflict such as the ideal and reality, a change in work condition, their ability of problem solving, etc. so there is no best answer for it.

Everyone just discusses the topic and find a good answer together.

Through these kinds of discussion everyone can more deeply understand our company principles.

会社が設立されて10年目を迎えている。 近年は、個人経営会社からより脱却し、 より社会に必要とされる会社に変貌を遂げようと力をいれている。


自社で賄えない要因としては、 各分野の免許制度、熟練度、必要な特殊道具が多い、 問題処理能力が必要、などがあげられる。

この多民族国家のニュージーランドで 協力業者と意思統一するのは 簡単ではない部分が多い。 いまでも、日本の現場であれば、絶対のおこらないであろうという光景を見ることが多い。

ただ、今後も、爽やかにしつこく、 「ジャパンホームズの思い」を共有して仕事をしていってもらう必要がある。




すべての行動の基礎になる部分であるので、 根気よく丁寧に時間をかけて行う必要がある。 そのなかで、今の段階で必要と思われることを3つ取り上げてみた。

1. 企業理念の浸透のために

浸透させるためには、 社長、幹部が現地に足を運ぶこと、 そして、社長や幹部の言動に一貫性があること。