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Making a Japanese Garden at Showhome Part 2!!

Hi Aucklanders!!

Nice to see you again!!

Today will be Lucky and Happy sunday with a beautiful weather!!!

This time I continue to talk about setting up the timber pavers in  the Japanese garden at our showhome in Papatoetoe, Auckland.

First we put down weather-resistant heavy timbers (150x30mm) on the ground as the base for the pavers.

We poured some concrete on the ground at the bottom of these timbers so that these are firmly supported by the concrete and do not shift.

We also carefully leveled these timbers.

Then we begun to place the pavers.

Each paver is a rectangle timer that was made by cutting the 150×30 heavy timbers and has a different length from one another.

This is our idea that rather than just keep the same length for all of these the different length in each paver looks more interesting and “Japanese”.

We cut and place the paver on the base one by one.

This took a bit more time than just cutting everything in the same length.

However, even under strong sunshine of New Zealand summer, we didnt mind to take time at all because creating a great garden just gave us a lot of motivation, energy and joy!!!

We love landscaping!! 

The corner of the pavers took a bit more time as the angle shape of each paver was carefully measured and cut.

We did not fix these pavers yest at this stage as first had to see if the arrangement looked okay.

Gradually getting close to completion.


Looks okay now!

Now we started to fix each pavers by wood screws.

This also had to be carefully done as sometimes these screws did not go in the timber properly.

We black-painted the pavers later which looks great!!

Thanks for reading!! 

See you next time!!!(*^o^*)

 Amazon Okuchi

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