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Making a Japanese Garden at Showhome Part 3!!

Hello Everyone!!

How is going?

These days Auckland is very hot!! Sunlight burns us….!!!

But I have a lucky, lovely and happy day everyday!!

I believe you guys also enjoy summer as well!!

Today`s post is the 3rd episode of our making-what-a-wonderful-Japanese-garden-is-this story.

The site is at Japan Homes Showhome at 31 Atkinson Avenue Papatoetoe.

Now our garden is gradually getting closer and closer to complete.

I am going to describe spreading pebbles and garden bark in the garden.


We first place weedmats on the ground to prevent weeds from growing.

Make sure that there is no gap in these mats.

If there were gaps weeds would grow in there.

We then start to move grey pebbles to spread on those weedmats.

We ordered these pebbles and black bark to a near stone/landscape supplier.

We were lucky because the supplier quickly brought these up to our site just a few hours later we ordered. 

Now from now one we have lucky hours that we have to keep moving these heavy pebbles ourselves using a wheel barrow under the strongest sun!!

This is a hard job but we enjoy


We move a small amount of the pebble at one time like shown on the right bottom part of the photo.

But just for half hour we manage to evenly spread all of these on the garden.

Today`s story finishes here.

I will see you guys soon in the next post

Have a lucky and happy day!!

Amazon Okuchi

JAPAN HOMES LIMITED Email: Phone: 0800 00 5055

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