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Making a Japanese Garden at Showhome Part 4!!

Hello Aucklanders!! How is your sunday going? You have a lucky, happy and a beautiful day!!

This time I continue to talk about spreading pebbles and bark on the ground of Japan Homes showhome site.

In the last post we put the grey pebbles like this.


Now I am going to put the black bark on other parts of the ground.

First, we use spades to move a lump of the bark to the blue plastic sheet from the mountain of it so that we can easily carry (woops! Sorry, I put my finger on the camera lens).

Then carry and spread it at the back side of the showhome.

We make the bark even using a rake


The black bark looks cool!! Doesnt It?

Normally bark color is brown but we prefer the black one and, I think, it looks more like Japanese Style.

For the front part of the Japanese Garden we use white chips.

We just bought 10 bags of these.

Just spread and have these even using a rake

These white chips make a brilliant contrast with those black fences.

Pabbling and barking a garden is not difficult so you may want to try for your garden yourself.

You only need weedmats, pebbles and bark, plus some tools such as a rake and a wheel barrow if you think to need.

You can buy weedmats at DIY shops like Bunnings, and pebbles and bark at landscape material suppliers who sell stone in bags or deliver if it is a substantial amount.

Thanks for reading!!

You have a great lucky day!!

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