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Mickey Cleans Up Build Site Everyday

Hi there,

Our company keeps trying to improve our work performance on site.

Mickey, our company director, is enthusiastic to do so using the “5S” method, which was originally created in Japan as a part of “Kaizen

5S Methodology

5S refers to:

  1. Sort

  2. Set in order

  3. Shine (Clean)

  4. Standardize

  5. Sustain (Keep doing the above actions)

If we taking these 5S actions on site all work will go very smoothly and safely as there is no obstacles to work (follow this link if you want to know more detail of 5s) .

The point is that every trader on site needs to be involved in doing 5s otherwise its effect will be limited so Mickey go to the sites everyday and teaches 5S to our sub-contractors.

Mickey Goes To Clean Up On Site Everyday

If you can just tell other people what to do without any actions they will probably do not follow your instructions.

So Mickey just goes to the sites every morning to perform 5S and show our subs how good 5S is to improve their work performance.

He usually arrives at one of these site before 7am and start to sort out everything on site himself.

Then he sets all things in order and clean up the entire site.

Now the site is clean, tidy and organised, and easy for everyone to work.

Here are a couple of examples of different sites where he cleaned up and organised.

He tries to let our subs do these actions in the same way as he does (Standardize) .

He goes to the same site again and again to do 5S and also let our subs do everyday (Sustain).

Now our contractors are gradually going to understand the importance of 5S and start improving their work quality on site.

Mickey’s goal is to let all of our subcontractors naturally perform 5S on all the sites so that he does not have to go to clean up everyday.




会社の社長であるミッキー(岡部)は日本で生まれた”改善”の一部である”5S”を使用した改革に, とても情熱を持って率先して取り組んでいます。



  1. 整理

  2. 整頓

  3. 清掃

  4. 清潔

  5. しつけ













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