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Nice Foundation Plan

Escape Bridge

I found a great idea.

We are planning of a house extension and this blue part will be the outer frame. The red part shows public sewer pipe. When building foundation, it is said the best to build it apart 1.5 meter from public sewer pipe, and if it will be closer we need to save the pipe by bridge beam. It depends on each case but the bridge construction costs additionally about $10,000-$15,000.

Therefore to think how we can avoid building the bridge becomes wisdom to cost down.

Meanwhile, I saw a drawing that uses a unique construction method to avoid the public sewer pipe. Instead of wood, the metal foundation changes its form and ensures avoiding the pipe well. Also they can plan that the under space of the extension will be a garage as the method doesn’t need to use many posts which creates more free space.

I felt a kind of artistic quality. For your information, it’s gonna be specific, we have obligation to record current situation using CCTV before construction, and to report if there are damage during the construction after it’s done.







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