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Open Plan Renovation For Comfortable Family Living 2016

Updated: Mar 9, 2021


Before Renovation

This renovation is for the old 3 bedroom house in Northshore, which looked gloomy and to need lots of repair when we came for first time.

The wall color is outdated and ceiling and wall condition is very bad.

But the flooring material looks very attractive because of being authentic solid timber.

After Renovation

We want a small family to have comfortable and modern living in this house after renovation.

Our concept for this renovation included:

  • Keep the cost as low as possible for the owner

  • Keep the good points with the existing house

  • Make the contrast of white background color with the natural timber color

There is the functional open-plan kitchen, living and dinning.

The interior base color is white and we use light natural wooden color (White and Wood).

The bathroom has the natural solid timber bench top (Macrocarpa).

The existing floor looks great so we just have polished it.

It now looks awesome!

The large timber deck provides comfortable multi-functional space for family events.









  • 施工費用を可能な限り低く抑える

  • 既存の家の長所を生かす

  • インテリアカラーは、白の基本色と、自然な木の色でコントラストをつくる


室内の基本色は白で、ところどころに明るい自然の木製の色を使用しました。 また、バスルームは天然の木材天板(Macrocarpa)を使用しました。



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