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Our New Luck Banner ! Can you find it ⁉

We've created a new banner for JPH. The main banner is a simple black design.

The other one features unique Japanese manga style, as if to say, 'The Japanese!' It has a strong appeal, right?

If you happen to spot this handsome guy at a construction site, it's quite rare!

If you see this rare guy, please touch him, take a photo, make a wish, and share it on SNS with the hashtag #japanhomesauckland.

After all, there are only a few in Auckland (laughs).

And the 4-panel manga is different too (laughs). The handsome illustrations were ordered from a Japanese illustrator who patiently drew them despite my many requests. They are original JPH characters. I believe good things will happen for sure.

But you won't find them easily (laughs). While having fun like this, we will continue to do our work sincerely, embodying the spirit of being Japanese!"

Q, Can you find it ??

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