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Passion towards building 建築に対する熱意

Nowadays the developed internet makes it possible that customers have more knowledge than us. Also their “Passion” for their homes surpass us, as it costs hundreds of thousands dollars.

For that, what we can do is also full of “Passion” towards building works.

On the basis, looking a whole project systematically and grasping a big scaled drawing lead true knowledge. Customers have information partly but still rich experiences are needed if the things cross over.

In terms of “Passion,” unfortunately in NZ there are many building companies that give us or clients extreme high priced quotes due to the overwhelming shortage of building specialists, or no longer eager to work as their own properties are sold at high prices. I understand it’s their way of life so I cannot complain it, but surely the each price go up extraordinarily.

Also the serious shortage of professionals can be seen in inspections which are “careless” as for knowledge and duties. They don’t seem to have knowledge and passion for building, and don’t want to take responsibilities so process cases without reasons just like as loading on. All those affect clients’ building costs. I am wondering if they really think about New Zealanders’ future.

The other day PM deplored that the building costs are very expensive as well as the land in NZ. The reasons are unavoidable because of the place of this small island, transportation and high labour costs.

Our aims are that we get more partners who have passions and work hard every day to create better NZ building industry together, and also to make the PM’s worries less.










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