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Quality Check OF Building Plans Before Construction 03/08/2019

Hi there,

When we build a new home based on the plans that have not been designed by Japan Homes, we will check the quality of the design.

This is to minimise the risk to face potential problems during construction causing a delay in schedule and/or extra costs.

For example, we often find that we cannot install a wastewater pipe as per plans because there is not enough space or a steel beam blocking the pipe route. In this case we sometimes need to stop the work and find the solution to this issue, causing a delay in schedule.

So we use our design checklist, which we use when we are designing new homes on our own, to check other architect’s design before we begin construction.

(A part of Design Checklist) 

It is much easier, quicker and cheaper to fix design issues before construction than during or after construction.

This is to avoid for the owner to be asked to pay the extra cost or told a schedule delay suddenly during construction because these things bring much stress to them.

This is one on many things that we do for construction preparation.

Thank you for reading.

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