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Reserve Bank’s new loan restrictions from October 10月へむけての銀行の動き

The RBNZ (Reserve Bank New Zealand) expected that the investor restrictions, which will require a 30% deposit when borrowing for an investment property from October.

Also, they expected the application for higher loan rate for the investors than residential purpose.

If it will rise by even 1 percent, many investors would suffer from the repayment of principal, so demand of the property investment will be likely to be reduced.

There were not enough new homes being built, while the demand for homes was rising with a record migration boom, low interest rates and “increasing investor activity”.

The government focus on two aspects, encouraging the investment for new houses and preferential treatment for the First Home Buyers.

We, Japan Homes Limited, also need to highly focus on building new houses which are comfortable and affordable on speedy construction term to respond to the demand and supply new homes.








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