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The NZ Building law gets stricter every year 年々厳しくなる建築の法律

Kitchen Broken

This month we applied for a Building Consent to change a ground floor space that consists of workshop and garage sized about 60m2 to living space in West Auckland. Currently the space is just large, but our project is a huge renovation that we will install a Japanese bathroom, bedroom, office, living room and mini kitchen that doesn’t have cooking equipment (=BAR). However, recently the council that grants building permission seems to change the correspondence. It becomes harder to obtain permission for a part of renovation, which is BAR AREA. The BAR AREA is a small sink for washing cups, and it was no problem before but now it is highly likely that they don’t allow building BAR AREA. Usually the council response slowly but this time unfortunately we have got a letter saying that “we cannot allow the BAR AREA” soon afterward the submission. It has been serious condition before this case, but also it was a refusal. For the main reasons why they cannot allow it, we think it’s because of the less capacity of existing infrastructure and delay of the maintenance for new establishment. More owners have installed the BAR AREA and used that as mini Kitchen for new tenants to get extra income. Then the drainage issues that I pointed above happen, and also it could affect neighbourhood because of the increase of traffic and on-street parking. Lately lots of Granny Flats have been built due to the investment efficiency that the annual yield is 15-25% against the investment, but the council basically has already decided to prohibit building Granny Flat after 2016 because of the same reasons. Considering the chronic housing shortage in Auckland and the delay of New-builds plan, we recommend that you should start acting before the further strictness of regulations if you are thinking Asset Management using your own existing property’s benefit. 【Japanese】 先日、WESTオークランドで、1F部分が作業場とガレージ合計で60m2くらいの空間を生活空間に変更するビルディングコンセント申請を行った。 現在はただ広い空間だが、そこに、日本式のお風呂とBEDROOM、OFFICE、LIVINGそして水回り設備の調理器具がないミニキッチンユニット(=BAR)を新しく作るというリノベーションをするというプロジェクトです。

しかし、建築許可を出す役所の対応に最近、変化が出てきた。前述のようなリノベーションに対してある一部分に関しては許可をださないようになってきた。それは、BARAREAである。BAR AREAはコップなどの小さなものを洗うための小さなシンクで、以前は問題なく許可が下りていたが、最近は、BARAREAの許可を出さない可能性が高くなった。





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