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Updates About Current Construction 28/10/2018

Hi All,

Here are our updates about ongoing construction in Northshore.

3 New Homes in Birkenhead

Lot 1: Glass Balustrades at the front deck is installed. Also Laminated Timber Flooring is installed.

Lot 2: Carpet and Floor tiling is done. Also exterior lights are put on. Very close to completion.

Lot 3: Deck Glass balustrades and wardrobe are done. Also close to completion.

These are highly comfortable and affordable homes in Northshore and Lot 1 & 2 are on sale now (Lot 3 has been already sold. Sorry!!)

We are preparing for open home soon.

For more info please visit here or please contact us.

Japan Homes Sales Team

  1. Email:

  2. Phone: 0800-00-5055


2 New Homes in Northshore

Lot 1 : Foundation Piling Work

Lot 2: Concrete Block retaining wall is done.

Lot 1 is the front, Lot 2 is at the back

In addition, because the entrance door of the new home is very important I have drawn a sketch for the owner to check how it looks like.

Overall, our construction is going all good.

We will begin another new home build this week and report updates later on this blog.

Thanks for reading!!

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