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Your House Is The Most Important Resource For Your Family 07/04/2019

HI All,

I am going to discuss below why long lifetime homes are financially important for you and your family.

Four Reasons You Should Have Long LIfetime Home

①If your home lasts longer, you don’t have to pay just to re-build it so save a lot of money.

For example, if a house only lasts 50 years it needs to be re-built every 50 years. However, if it can last for 100 years, the cost will be half if you consider long time span. This means that you and your family can save greater amount of money with a longer lifetime of building.

②Also you can rent it out to gain stable income for a longer time period. This may become more important after you retire from working.

③Think About your younger generation family (your kids, gland children, gland gland children, and so on). If you can leave your property to them this will help them a lot. They can stay there for decades without concerns about home loan and rent so basically you reduces a large amount of stress from their life, even after you die.

④It improves whole social capital and living environment.

In macro perspective, this means that society has less financial burden on building houses and it can use their fund for other types of important social capital (e.g. building more hospitals and schools, improving education system, etc) for people to have better quality living environment.

Thanks for reading.

I will talk about how to have the long lifetime home at a later post.

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