"I cannot explain why I love baseball such. No reasons, I just love it.

When I was young, I was not really good at playing it.
But more I practiced, more I could improve my skills and got better results, which I enjoyed the most.
Without baseball, my life would turn so boring, and I may go wrong. I really appreciate the god of baseball."



"When I was young, I had lots of injury and sick.

My bones had broken, and I had also done a surgery of tonsillectomy and stitching my finger.
So I strongly feel appreciation to being alive and healthy.
Without health we cannot try anything and hope for success.
What can I do for society?
I do what I can do.
That’s blood donation. I go to NZ BLOOD for a couple of times every year, and donate my blood as Plasma Donner."



To become a big buddy or to donate head to



Usual schools can be replaced, but not for this school.

" In 80’s, Japanese school education was losing substance, and I think it was cramming, collectivism and elitist education system.
In the atmosphere, people didn’t really care about becoming uncomfortable with going to a school.

In Matsudo City where is a next town to mine, there were an ordinary company employee and teacher who had 3 children who couldn’t go to schools, so they were struggling with a model of education.
After deep considerations, the mother soon started actions. In 1985, she founded an organisation “TOKYO SHURE” for children who don’t go to schools and became a principal of the free school.
She has been giving light of hope to thousands of kids.
If we count up the number of their families, future partners and children, it becomes enormous.
These actions are magnificent and meaningful, I think.
I respect her the most among the alive Japanese."


JAPAN HOMES started offering donation from 2019 to support their amazing job.

“My father hardly came back home, and they got divorced when I was 13-year-old. I haven’t been raised watching his back or receiving his love. I don’t think he is a good father model because I saw he had many troubles. However I have never had a grudge against him, rather am thankful to him.

But, I understand that normally feeling father’s way of life as a man who is the closest to a child have a big impact on the person’s life. If I can give a positive effect to kids who don’t have fathers, I believe this world can become brighter and happier.”

Director, Mickey