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Office Assistant

Fiona Fan


Keeping promises is our company's main concept, and nice & tidy are our main slogan

Our team is full of passion. Each team member is really helpful.


What is your main work?

My main job is to support the building team and documentation work.

In the morning, we need to check all the emails and kill the urgent things. After that, just do the daily log check and path update. Make sure to double-check all the documents.

How do you balance your family, working and study?

Actually I'm a part-time student while working as a part-time employee in Japan Homes. It seems like a big challenge to a 4-year child's mother, but I really enjoy working at Japan Homes, and the working hours are really flexible so I can get the balance between work and family.


Education Background

Unitec Institute of Technology

Diploma of Business - Accounting

Unitec Institute of Technology

Diploma of  Quality Surveyor 

My Daily schedule

10:30 Buildertrend Daily log support

11:30 Emails and follow up

12:00 Lunch 

12:30 Delivery & Storage check

13:30 Meeting assistance

14:30 Booking council inspections

15:00 Office cleaning&Daily log

15:30 Finish


Welcome to join us!

enjoy working!
enjoy life!





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