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The Japan Homes story

We love Auckland – and the people who live here. However, Auckland has been struggling with a housing shortage for quite a few years now (and a few more to come, we suspect!) – so we wanted to do our bit to ease it.

Japan Homes was born in 2008, offering a unique approach to building unlike any other construction company around.


Omotenashi – showing our customers we care

Omotenashi is the Japanese word for hospitality – something that is taken into consideration across all aspects of our business. When meeting our clients, we listen without interruption and give honest input without shying away from the truth on all occasions. Throughout the process of building, we like to share every aspect of your project with you through our cloud-based software Builder’s Trend. It’s all a part of our belief that open and honest communication is key to establishing great long-term relationships.


A balanced approach to design

Feng Shui is another important element that we integrate into each project so you can get the most out of your new home. This traditional approach to design and lifestyle takes into account the way your surroundings can affect your physical and mental health, relationships and success.

Living a Japanese philosophy


With each and every project we take on, we remain faithful to our Japan Home principles. We focus on health and safety above profit and, along with our deep rooted honesty, we’re always striving to relieve the stress that comes with building a home, because your happiness is our happiness.

Our passion for creating Kiwi homes, combined with our Japanese philosophy, means our clients enjoy a stress-free new home built with love and care that both they and future generations can be proud of for years to come.


Our Team

Meet the Japan Homes team

Director – NZ Registered LBP/Master Builder


From a young age, Mickey was obsessed with architecture and building, from moving furniture around at home to giving up a sales job in order to work with his hands for a kitchen installation company.

Following time spent travelling the world, Mickey moved to New Zealand – a chance to challenge himself in a country where he had “no language ability, no money, no permanent residency, no human connections, no qualification and no family.”

After going to carpentry school at MIT, Mickey quickly became a builder, working for a Korean development company for some time before launching Japan Homes. Through Japan Homes, he’s been able to bring Japanese values like trustworthiness and quality as well as a foundation of Japanese philosophy to the building of Kiwi homes.

Now, Japan Homes has been building comfortable, affordable Kiwi homes for over a decade.

“My aim is to build Japan Homes into a 100-year-old company that consistently has clients who say, ‘Wow! This is beyond my expectations. That’s true Japanese work quality.’ That’s what makes us honored to be Japanese here in New Zealand,” says Mickey.

Meet Our Excellent Crew




Business Advisor



Sales Manager 



​Marketing Specialist


Office Manager


Account Manager


Site Manager


Site Manager


Site Manager



Architectural Designer



Property Manager

Meet our trusted partners

Health & safety
Kitchen and Wardrobe
Bathroom ware

Meet our excellent Subsidiaries

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Kaizen Construction

Land Development
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Property management

Work with us

As the only Japanese Master Builders In New Zealand, we provide comfortable and affordable homes using our distinctive Japanese framework for building. We endeavor to employ the most talented people who can share our Japanese-standard level of quality services all over Auckland.


Japan Homes has a lot to offer its employees. You will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn Japanese “KAIZEN” management

  • Develop core thinking for business

  • Work on exciting residential projects

  • Be involved with projects from start to finish

  • Maximise your abilities (sales, designs, building, site managing etc.)


If you’re interested in in our Japanese style of work and design, have the right “hospitality spirit” and passion for work, please get in touch to explore opportunities for us to work together.

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