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Build your First home with Japan Homes from only 5%* deposit

Building a new home is one of the most expensive shopping in our lives for most people.

We have a commitment “We strive to come up with a stress-free financial plan” in our 10 principles.
With our dedicated consultations, we also assist your financial plan to make the dream come true.


Nick from Loan Market is a construction loan and newbuild expert.

Working with New Zealand’s widest range of banks and lenders you know and trust, you can be sure to get the best possible offer in the market.

Nick’s profile is here

How Loan Market Helps

  • Up to 95% funding is available *

  • Nick Is Independent of any Lender or Bank

  • Has over 10 years’ experience in the Mortgage market

  • Has been awarded # 4 broker in New Zealand 2017

  • Nick’s service is free as he is paid by the bank

  • He will manage all progress payments and dealings with the bank.

  • He will advise you how to repay your loan quicker and save money along the way.

  • Nick loves helping first home buyers.

  • His award winning staff is always there to make sure everything goes smoothly

  • Nick can obtain up to 80% funding for investment properties*

  • Nick can assist with sourcing Bridging and Short term Finance as well

  • *Naturally all lending approvals needs to meet the bank’s criteria

Talk Japan Homes team about Construction Finance today.


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