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ABOUT JAPAN HOMES                                                                                 

Do you work on commercial projects?

Do you do renovations or extensions?

What’s your philosophy towards improvement? What is KAIZEN?

Why are you so passionate about comfortable and affordable homes? How do you achieve that?

Are you all Japanese?

What do you do? Are you a construction company?


STARTING THE PROCESS                                                                            

I’m planning on building a home, but I currently live overseas. Is that possible?

What is your contract like?

I have land to develop – where do I start?

I’m thinking of buying a piece of land. What is considered “good” land?


QUOTING & COSTS                                                                                        

Do I need to show my bank documents to get pre-approval for a home loan? Do I need a mortgage broker? How can you assist us?

How much do we need to prepare for a construction contingency?

What is a “preliminary estimation”? Do you provide a quote?

How much is a minor unit or a granny flat?

What’s included in the house construction rate?

How much do your homes cost per sqm?

Is it free for a site visit and estimate?



What exactly is “Japanese style”?

What are the differences between LT and JS specs?


Are water and power connection fees included?

How long will it take to build our home?

What quality control systems do you have in place?

Can I track the progress of my new home? What is Builder’s Trend?

Do you do “turn-key”?

Who applies for building consents?

Do the house plans have approved building consent already?


MOVING IN                                                                                                      

What happens if something goes wrong after construction?

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