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ABOUT JAPAN HOMES                                                                      

Do you work on commercial projects?

We’re experts in residential homes, so that’s our sole focus at the moment.

Do you do renovations or extensions?

Sorry, we are only focusing on new builds at the moment.

What’s your philosophy towards improvement? What is KAIZEN?

Kaizen (改善) is the Japanese word for “improvement” and focuses on continuous improvement. Originally founded by TOYOTA, we adopt this concept into our own company.
Implementing this philosophy requires a serious commitment from our team and discipline that involves all members across all areas of the company.
To progress our clients’ projects smoothly, from sales to design and then onto the build team, we use several checklists to ensure we haven’t overlooked any potential issues. If we find one, we seek the best solution as quickly as possible.
We also care about health and safety on-site, so are always checking for any hazards and clean the site every day.

Why are you so passionate about comfortable and affordable homes? How do you achieve that?

Auckland is facing a housing shortage, and the government has pledged to build 100,000 affordable homes across the country. As immigrants, we want to give back to NZ, the country that welcomed us.

With our building experience, we review designs thoroughly before getting the resource and building consents needed to start a project, making the construction process far simpler, faster and more cost effective.
We have several sub-contractor teams for each region in Auckland, and arrange subs for each project to best make use of people’s core skills. Our suppliers are all established NZ companies, and consistently provide us with high quality supplies on time.

Are you all Japanese?

We started the company with Japanese team members, but now we come from a variety of backgrounds. Check out “Our team” for more info.

What do you do? Are you a construction company?

That’s right – we’re NZ Licensed Building Practitioners, focusing on residential new builds and subdivisions throughout the greater Auckland area. Our main role is to manage the whole process of construction, from design right through to build.

STARTING THE PROCESS                                                                      

I’m planning on building a home, but I currently live overseas. Is that possible?

Absolutely – we’re happy to talk through your options about what’s possible and take care of the whole process over phone and email.

What is your contract like?

For construction, we use Master Builder standard contracts, which are acknowledged by the key banks. This makes getting a bank loan approved a smooth process.

I have land to develop – where do I start?

We’re proud to have significant experience in land development across Auckland, from small multi-unit sites to larger subdivisions. Please get in touch for a free consultation to discuss feasibility.

I’m thinking of buying a piece of land. What is considered “good” land?

There is plenty of vacant land in Auckland.
In terms of construction, we advise you to find flat land, without a long driveway, and with drainage (both stormwater and wastewater) if possible. Also check that the land doesn’t have any drainage issues, floodplains, or a significant amount of trees.
Some Auckland areas may have solid rock under the ground as well. We’d recommend checking a geotechnical report if it’s available.

QUOTING & COSTS                                                                                   

Do I need to show my bank documents to get pre-approval for a home loan? Do I need a mortgage broker? How can you assist us?

We do this sort of thing every day. We’re happy to provide recommendations of good mortgage brokers, and are always ready to prepare a final estimation (or “fixed quote”) with specifications for bank approval.

How much do we need to prepare for a construction contingency?

Generally banks require 10% contingency.

What is a “preliminary estimation”? Do you provide a quote?

A preliminary estimation is an initial draft estimate based on concept plans or information. We can only confirm an estimate after we’ve had building consent approval.
This is because it’s very difficult to know our final costs without detailed designs and engineering plans. During the council’s assessment, plans will sometimes need to be altered.

How much is a minor unit or a granny flat?

A minor dwelling house construction costs around $2500/m2 x 65m2 = $150,000+GST.
For exclusions, please refer to our specs.

What’s included in the house construction rate?

The house construction rate is for the house itself. It generally doesn’t cover earthworks, drainage, services, landscape and driveways etc. Design (resource/building consent) is also excluded. Please refer to our specs for more details.

How much do your homes cost per sqm?

As a general rule, our house construction rates start from $1800/m2+GST and go up to around $3000/m2+GST depending on complexity, specifications and house size.
Usually a smaller house gets a higher rate per sqm, because even a small dwelling needs a solid foundation and framework, and our subs have minimum costs.
We’re proud to provide affordable prices, comparable to many other builders in Auckland.

Is it free for a site visit and estimate?

Absolutely! We’d love to come visit your piece of land and give you a preliminary estimation for your dream home.


What exactly is “Japanese style”?

apanese style embodies our company value of “KAIZEN” while also incorporating the tradition of Feng Shui.
Some details that we suggest which are part of Japanese style include: an inward opening entrance door with a shoe case, Japanese OFURO style layout (bathtub and shower are next each other), toilet with washlet (bidet), and a functional kitchen layout.
We’re also able to provide Tatami mat, Koushi (wooden lattice) or even a little Japanese garden, although none of these elements are mandatory – everything can be designed to suit your Kiwi lifestyle.

What are the differences between LT and JS specs?

Our standard homes have two specs. Framing and exterior are the same, so differences are in the interior details.
  • JS is Japan Homes Standard, meaning the highest quality items. For example, you might enjoy a fully tiled bathroom with a custom frameless glass shower and German brand items.

  • LT is our Light Standard, which stands for more economical quality. For example, you may have floor tiles with a shower unit or a simple organiser for wardrobes. This is often a great option for first home buyers. Please see our specs for more details.


Are water and power connection fees included?

Water and power connection fees are separate from our build costs, but can be included in a final estimation.

How long will it take to build our home?

We generally allow 20 weeks from the time consents are finalised, to the completion of your new home. Every situation is different, and the complexity of the home, weather conditions and how quickly you get back to us regarding design decisions, can all impact the length of time it takes to bring your dream home to life.

What quality control systems do you have in place?

Every new home we build is overseen by our project manager who is extremely particular when it comes to quality control. We have our own stringent quality checks throughout the construction process, as well as Council inspections during construction and upon final completion of your new home.

Can I track the progress of my new home? What is Builder’s Trend?

We use clever cloud-based software, Builder’s Trend, which gives you 24/7 access to what’s happening with your new home construction. Not only will this help you understand the construction process, but it allows you to see what’s happening each day on site, the progress of construction, and when you will need to have made important decisions by. You can also see progress photos of your home as it develops.

Do you do “turn-key”?

We don’t offer turn-key homes (ones that are bought fully completed in one go). Our projects are all constructed in consultation with you, and feature progress payments.

Who applies for building consents?

We do it all for you. This is all part of the service that Japan Homes provides.

Do the house plans have approved building consent already?

Our house plans are samples, so they don’t come with pre-approved consent. However, some plans are already built in Auckland, so we can share more information or photos if you are interested.

MOVING IN                                                                                                  

What happens if something goes wrong after construction?

Your new build will have a Master Build 10-Year Guarantee. This guarantee ensures you’re covered for structural defects, including weathertightness issues, for 10 years from the date your guarantee is accepted, as well as for defects in workmanship and materials for two years once your build is completed.
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