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5 New Homes In Northshore About To Complete 22/06/2019

HI All,

The 5 new homes which we have started building late last year are about to be complete soon.

Project 1: A Two Storey 160m2 New Home

This house is designed and built by Japan Homes.

There is a bit difficult time to go through the Building Consent stage due to building over public stormwater and wastewater lines but finally we are reaching Council Final Inspection to finish the whole build work.

Project 2: Subdivision + 2 Storey New Homes

These houses are also designed and built by Japan Homes.

This is a 2 lot subdivision project and our design started for Resource Consent through EPA to Building Consent.

The driveway is nicely complete after these photos are taken.

Owner is waiting to move in their new homes very soon.

Project 3: Subdivision + 2 Storey New Homes

This is also a subdivision and two new home project designed by another architect.

We have taken the construction part.

The owner is preparing to move in the house very soon.

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