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A surge in thefts: Enhancing Security During the Christmas Holiday

Recently, our President, Mickey, experienced an unfortunate incident while parked on the street for a client meeting. In a brief moment, the car's window was shattered, and valuable electrical tools were stolen.

During the Christmas holiday season, incidents of theft and burglary tend to increase significantly.

To address this, we would like to share several security measures for your consideration:

1. Street Parking and Public Lots: Be mindful when parking in public areas to avoid displaying valuable items.

2. Avoid Leaving Valuables in the Car: Never leave valuables or essential tools unattended in the car. Carrying them with you can help reduce the risk of window break-ins.

3. Utilize Surveillance Cameras: Opt for meeting spots with surveillance cameras whenever possible to deter criminal activities.

4. Collaborate with Neighbors: Maintain communication with those around you and stay vigilant for suspicious behavior. Community cooperation is crucial for effective crime prevention.

These simple precautions can contribute to enhancing security during the Christmas holiday. We wish you all a safe and enjoyable holiday season.

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