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Appeals Against Council Decisions: Auckland Unitary Plan

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There are a number of the appeals against the Council decision for the new Auckland Unitary Plan, meaning that not all the new rules have been determined.

Appeals Against Council

For example, on the official council document states that the up to 2 dwellings per residential site is permitted in Mixedhousing Urban Zone, however, this new rule has been opposed and not been determined yet.

There are some other appeals against various councils decisions and many of these are being discussed at either the high court or environmental court.

It seems to be like the decisions of the appeals take long time to be made, may be a year or more, no one knows at the moment.


How Do I Check If My Property Is Under Appeal?

There are some appeals related to certain properties. (e.g. those related to power lines of Transpower)

If you want to check whether or not your property is under a appeal you can do so easily online.

  1. Go to Auckland Unitary Plan Council Geomap

  2. Type in your property address in the blank space on the top

  3. On the left side under the “Result” Tag you can see “Appeals” among property info.

  4. If it is under an appeal there is some description of the appeal

  5. If there is nothing it means there is no appeal

If you think to subdivide your land which is under an appeal you have to check out its details first.

Here is more detailed info.

Please let me know if you are uncertain of anything.

You can have a free skype meeting with me and ask any questions (details here).

We are here to help you!!





例えば、Councilの文書では、Mixedhousing Urban Zoneという区画では各土地ごとに2つまでの住居が許可されていると述べられていますが、この新しい規則に対して公式に異議が出されてされており、まだ決定されていません。

その他にもCouncilの決定に対する申し立てがあり、その多くは高等裁判所(High Court)または環境裁判所(Environmental Court)で係争中です。






  1. まず、Geomapというサイトに行きます

  2. 画面の上の方にある、検索窓に土地のアドレスを入力し検索します

  3. 左側にある“Result”というタグにある、”Appeals“という項目を確認します

  4. もしこの土地に関するAppealがあれば、ここに概要が表示されます

  5. 特に表示がなければAppealはありません


こちらから、Appealについてより詳細な情報が得られます。 もしくは私どもにお気軽にお問い合わせください。 ご希望の方には、無料スカイプ相談もご利用いただけます(詳細はこちら)。


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