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  • Tony Liu

Biggest Opportunity For Property Subdivision!!

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There is a huge investment or building-new-home-for-your-own opportunity under the new Auckland Unitary Plan (AUP) coming for all the property owners in Auckland!! 

No Density Control For 3 Residential Zoning

If the residential zone of your property is in either:

1 Mixedhousing Urban

2 Mixedhousing Suburban

3 Terrace Housing and Appartment

(You can check the zoning thorough the council online map

There is no density control in these zones under AUP, meaning that you can have as many new homes as possible if the new home design is good enough which does not infringe the building regulations.

With this “good design” the minimum area required for a subdivided lot largely still depends on many different factors of your own land, however, if our general point of view, if you have at least 250m2 land area for the new lot you can get it with a single stand-alone 2-story house with 180-220m2 floor area.

How Much For Subdivision?

This also largely depend on the nature of your land, but for the general info, Japan Homes often offers around $130,000-150,000 per new lot including everything including the first free consultation, planning, site work, getting council consents, and the new title.

If you want to know more about what you can do with your property please contact us anytime!!

Japan Homes design team can offer the best subdivision + new home plan to you!!


Auckland Unitray Plan(AUP)によってとても大きな、投資、もしくはご自身の為に新築を建てるチャンスが到来しました!!



1 Mixedhousing Urban

2 Mixedhousing Suburban

3 Terrace Housing and Appartment

(You can check the zoning thorough the council online map




これも諸条件に左右されますが、一般的にはジャパンホームズが提供する価格は、分割一件あたり13-15万ドルというところです。この費用には、初回無料相談、分割プラン作成、造成工事、City Counciiの許可取得、新規物件の登録まで全ての費用が含まれています。








1. Mixed Housing Urban

2. Mixed Housing Suburban

3. Terrace Housing and Apartment

你可以查到 The Council Online Map




这也是从而个各的条件,但是Japan Homes的平均价格是基本上一件分割13-15万纽币。 这个费用是跟初次免费商量,做成分割计划,造成工程,City Council的资格取得,登记新规物件全都含有了。

JapanHomes发挥关于分割的丰富的知识,提供最好的分个计划。 什摸样的问题都请随便询问。

Amazon Okuchi

JAPAN HOMES LIMITED Email: jphnzokuchi@gmail.com Phone: 0800 00 5055

Please visit us at our showhome: 31A Atkinson Papatoetoe Auckland

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